Malmo Airport and its services

Malmo Airport

Malmo Airport which is also known as Malmo Sturup Airport is the fifth busiest airport in Sweden. The airport handled more than 2,100,000 passengers in 2012 which was the all time highest number the airport witnessed. Malmo airport offers numerous features for the tourist and passengers; with one passenger and two cargo terminals along with 20 aircraft stands the airport provides easy travelling.

Location of the Airport

Location of Malmo Airport

Malmo Airport is located in Svedala Municipality, which is almost 16 miles south east from Lund and 17 miles east of Malmo. The airport is connected to the central Copenhagen, which the capital of Denmark, through the Öresund Bridge the airport. The airport is situated 34 miles from the central and 29 miles from the Copenhagen Airport.

Transportation Facilities

Malmo Airport Coaches

One of the best and most reliable ways of efficient travelling from the Malmo airport is the use of busses. The airport coaches depart from the terminals and connect to numerous stops inside the city. So if you are travelling to Malmo, then you can use one of the Malmo airport transfers and coaches to reach your destination easily. The Flybussarana Airport coaches travel from the airport to the downtown Mamlo and Lund. The bus takes 40 minutes to reach its destination and every bus leaves after 30 minutes per day. The bus lets the passenger stop by the station; the stop is near a good train connection from where you can go to other places in the city. Gråhund bus coaches are also available and they depart to Copenhagen 30 minutes after the arrival of Ryanair.

Airport Taxi

Taxis are another great option for tourists and travelers, who are not well aware of the city and its areas. The fixed price to Malmo and Lund allows passengers to save their money and time. Different taxis from different companies are available at the terminal.

Rental cars are also available, they allow you to visit the city and control your journey. The Airport parking allows efficient traveling and parking the car in the short term or long term parking lot according to your need.


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